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We'll be posting helpful dental tips, news from the dental industry, news from our practice, and more about the latest in dentistry.

We built our practice on the notion that we're there for our patients when they need us and we want our online presence to be a reflection of that principle. We hope this blog provides an extra level of service to our current and future patients

Here's to your best oral health ever!

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday: This week, we’d like to share with you a few words of wisdom to help you prepare f...

Jul 18 • 1 min read
Did you know Apples can clean your teeth when a toothbrush isn’t handy?

We've all heard the expression "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." But perhaps that should be ch...

Apr 27 • 1 min read
Knocking out a permanent tooth is a true dental emergency!

Knocking out a permanent tooth is a true dental emergency. Don’t be afraid to contact your dentist r...

Mar 2 • 1 min read
A Healthy Diet for Teeth

Looking after your teeth and gums means more than regular brushing and flossing. What you choose to ...

Jan 23 • 1 min read
Just another reason to drink wine!

Wine lovers everywhere, rejoice! Already known for its health benefits, research shows red wine prot...

Dec 12 • 1 min read
How to Prepare for Procedures Involving Sedation

As dentists committed to comprehensive services for long lasting and healthy smiles, Drs. Andrea and...

Oct 9 • 1 min read
5 Tips to Prevent Cavities this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner carrying with it a common tradition to eat your weight in sugary...

Oct 5 • 2 min read
Are All Dental Flosses Created Equally?

Are All Dental Flosses Created Equally?It is highly recommended that you floss every day as part of ...

Richard Silvera, DDS Apr 4 • 2 min read
The Controversy Over Amalgam Fillings

Why is Gum Disease Everywhere?Do you have red, swollen, or easily-bloodied gums? If so you may have ...

Richard Silvera, DDS Mar 4 • 2 min read
Is Porcelain the Gold Standard in Veneers?

Is Porcelain the Gold Standard in Veneers?As a cosmetic dentist, Richard Silvera can provide you wit...

Richard Silvera, DDS Feb 4 • 1 min read

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