Century City Tooth Contouring - Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatment

At Century City Dental Associates, we are committed to giving you the greatest smile possible using the least invasive methods of modern dentistry. Patients who have already undergone orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth, but your gum-line makes your teeth look uneven, then tooth reshaping and contouring may be right for you.

What is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth contouring is the cosmetic dental practice whereby your teeth are manipulated by only millimeters to make a jagged and uneven smile beautiful. Our process of contouring your teeth is entirely painless, as it only requires a buffing down of the enamel. The painlessness and relative simplicity of the process also means that this treatment can usually be done in the span of a single appointment. 

Contouring is even possible for you if your teeth would require so much alteration as to cause discomfort. In such an event, Century City Dental Associates is able to apply singular veneers to your teeth.

Do you need Contouring?

This procedure is ideal for patients who have had corrective treatments in the past, and are simply looking to fix any aesthetically displeasing teeth present in your smile. In certain cases, tooth contouring can be used as an alternative to braces, as long as the correction required is solely cosmetic. 

This corrective treatment can also help you in your daily oral hygiene routine. Minor overlaps of teeth lead to difficulties in brushing and flossing, this then leads to the buildup of tartar and increasing the possibility of infection. Such crowded spots can sometimes be fixed through the buffing down of tooth enamel.

Limits of the Procedure

Century City Dental Associates acknowledges that the non-invasiveness of tooth contouring also means that it isn’t the right treatment for everybody. If your teeth have previous signs decay or damage from grinding, then you may want to consult your dentist before undergoing the treatment, as you may not have the necessary amount of enamel to shape the teeth. 

Additionally, if the crowding of your teeth is too severe, then you may wish to look into an alignment treatment like Invisalign®.

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If think you may qualify for tooth contouring and want to fix your smile through quick, non-invasive treatment, contact Dr. Silvera or schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dental practice today. We are proud to serve residents of the Century City, Beverly Hills, and Westwood areas.


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