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Does your bed partner complain that you toss and turn at night, or that you snore loudly? You may suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects as many as 80% of adults in the US, causing snoring, daytime exhaustion, increased susceptibility to systemic infection, and many other negative side effects. However, if you are a mild to moderate sufferer and cannot tolerate a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, you may qualify for a sleep apnea appliance from Century City Dental Associates.

Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sufferers of sleep apnea may not realize that they have more than a snore. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) is a relaxation of the muscle tissues around your soft palate and throat. This relaxation is what causes snoring at night, but can also have the side effect of cutting off proper oxygenation of the cells in your body.

Not treating OSA can often lead to:

High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Chronic Acid Reflux

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

When diagnosing our patients, we work in concert with a sleep center. This better enables us to accurately assess your viability as a candidate for sleep apnea appliances. Where most offices require multiple sleep studies, our office will work to limit the amount of time you have to wait before treating the defects in your sleep.

Non-Obtrusive Appliances

CPAP machines, while the gold standard in treating OSA, are often times not tolerated by patients hoping to regain the sleep they have already lost. In an effort to keep you comfortable and healthy, our office works with your physician and uses FDA-approved sleep apnea oral appliances.

Much like sleep guards, these appliances are molded to your teeth and are to be worn every night. Their design prevents the closure of your airways that ordinarily occurs from muscle relaxation in the throat. We also employ a master ceramist in the creation of your appliance, assuring the utmost comfort and effectiveness.

Los Angeles OSA Treatment

If you feel drowsy during the day and think you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, call or schedule an appointment with Century City Dental Associates today. We are eager to help residents in and around the Century City area get beautiful smiles and restful sleep. 


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