How Can Sedation Dentistry in Century City Relieve My Dental Anxiety?

Many patients never see their dentists for the fear and anxiety they feel. At Century City Dental Associates, Richard Silvera, DDS, offers sedation dentistry services with a trained anesthesiologist to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their visit. By offering both oral sedation and IV sedation, our Century City dentist is committed to providing every patient with the comprehensive, positive experience they deserve. 

Types of Sedation 

Backed by the expertise of Dr. Andreia Minasian Silvera’s   training as a dental anesthesiologist  (who also happens to be Dr. Richard Silvera's wife), our sedation options allow patients enhanced safety and comfort. This medication add-on is commonly used by patients who suffer from severe cases of dental anxiety or phobia. In addition to helping nervous patients stay calm, sedation is often used by patients who have a low pain threshold, a bad gag reflex, as well as those who have a hard time sitting still during their appointments.

At our Century City dental practice we offer three types of dental sedation:

Inhaled Sedation

For younger patients and those who wish to drive home after their appointment, we also offer nitrous oxide. This non-invasive sedation option, also known as laughing gas, will allow patients to relax while undergoing treatment and wears off quickly afterward. 

Oral sedation

Available at varying dosages, this form of sedation is administered via pill one hour prior to your appointment. While patients are not unconscious with oral sedation, the pill can make patients feel drowsy or feel as though they’ve fallen asleep. As a result, many do not remember the specifics of their appointment, making oral sedation an attractive option for patients with longer appointments or those who get nervous visiting the dentist.

Inhaled and oral sedation options at our office are coupled with noise-canceling headphones and in-operatory televisions. We endeavor to make sure that patients aren’t just comfortable during their appointments, but truly relaxed. 

IV Sedation

Administered intravenously by Dr. Andreia Silvera, or other anesthesiologists who work with us. is a form of sedation that can be felt more rapidly and comfortably by patients. As a result, IV sedation is often recommended when patients are undergoing more complex procedures, such as wisdom teeth extraction, dental implant placement, or bone grafting. Similar to oral sedation, most patients do not recall the specific details of their treatment, making it an ideal option for individuals with more severe cases of dental phobia or anxiety. 

Sedation Experience at Century City

Dental sedation at Richard Silvera, DDS is specifically tailored to address our patients’ specific concerns. By working with our experienced anesthesiologists, Dr. Richard Silvera is able to help patients relax while providing them with the high-quality care they deserve. In addition to sedation options, we offer noise-canceling headphones music or television as well as hot towels and blankets to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  

Gentle Dentistry and Patient Comfort are our Top Priorities at Century City Dental Associates

To place our valued patients even more at ease, we offer hot towels, aromatherapy, noise cancelling headphone, and Netflix!

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