How to Prepare for Procedures Involving Sedation

Oct 9 • 1 minute read

As dentists committed to comprehensive services for long lasting and healthy smiles, Drs. Andrea and Richard Silvera provide multiple levels of dental sedation. To support enhanced patient comfort during and after procedures, we have created the suggestions below to follow when IV sedation is involved.

Don’t Eat for At Least 8 Hours Beforehand

It is important that your stomach is empty before treatment begins, as some patients experience nausea when recovering from sedation. We encourage patients to avoid eating and drinking water for a full eight hours before their appointment or to avoid doing so throughout the day if their appointment occurs in the afternoon. 

If patients forget this rule on the day of their procedure, they are encouraged to call as soon as possible to reschedule. For those who take prescription pills each morning, any water consumed should be limited to the lowest amount possible to easily swallow your medication. 

Avoid Smoking and Drinking the Day Before

Chemicals like alcohol and nicotine interact poorly with IV sedation. Many offices like ours will recommend that smokers attempt to quit their habit before undergoing sedation treatment. Failing this, it is recommended that patients do not smoke or drink alcohol for a full 24 hours before their appointment. 

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Avoiding tight clothing helps patient waking from sedation to move easily and rest comfortably. We recommend patients wear loose-cut jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flat soled shoes when coming to our office for an IV sedation appointment. This enhances the ability for movement as the effects of sedation wear off.

Remove Contact Lenses and Jewelry

Contact lenses and jewelry can be lost or damaged when patients undergo IV sedation. To limit these risks, we suggest that patients do not wear any corrective lenses, prescription glasses, or jewelry on the date of their appointment. 

For information on additional ways to enhance your experience during and after procedures that involve intravenous sedation, contact our office today. Our Century City dentist and anesthesiologist are committed to helping patients achieve their ideal smiles with maximized comfort. 

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