Are All Dental Flosses Created Equally?

Written by Richard Silvera, DDS Apr 4 • 2 minute read

Are All Dental Flosses Created Equally?

It is highly recommended that you floss every day as part of your dental hygiene routine, but does it matter what kind of dental floss you use? Today, there are many different types of dental floss, all designed to remove unwanted plaque and bacteria from in between your teeth, leaving you with a healthier, cleaner mouth. However, not every floss will work for every mouth.

At Richard Silvera, DDS, we know that all of our patients are unique, and we’re here to answer questions concerning what would work best for you and your family, and why.

Types of Floss

Waxed: This type of floss is great for people whose teeth are close together. The waxy coating makes it easier to get the floss between tough to reach spots. Bonus: waxed floss usually has a fresh flavor like mint or cinnamon that can make the flossing experience tastier and more enjoyable.

Unwaxed: This type has no coating and is thinner, making it easy to maneuver. It’s also good for people who don’t want flavoring on their floss. (This type is ideal for pregnant women who may be suffering from taste or smell aversions).

Thick or thin: How thick or thin your floss is should depend on how your teeth are spaced. Make sure to use a floss that fits comfortably between your teeth, but also snugly enough to pull out what’s in between them.

Fluoride coated: This type of floss is intended to prevent tooth decay, and prevent cavities, but studies are still being performed to gauge the effectiveness of it. 

Flossing Tools that Make the Job Easier

The best type of dental floss is the kind you’ll use regularly. And while flossing isn’t necessarily hard, it’s like any habit- the easier you make it on yourself, the more likely it is that you’ll continue the routine.

Floss Picks are one modern way to make the job easier- they are portable, and help you have a steadier hand while flossing. There’s also products like “The Reach Across Flosser,” a tool that goes beneath your gum line, and Water Flossers. Pick a product that makes your life easier!

Make An Appointment Today!

Flossing is important, but so are regular dental appointments. Don’t delay! Call Richard Silvera, DDS, to schedule your next routine dental cleaning. And if you have questions, we have answers- we will walk you through the best and worst products to keep your dental hygiene routine in the best shape possible.

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