Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

Written by Richard Silvera, DDS Nov 4 • 2 minute read

Are Dental Implants a Good Investment?

If you find yourself with missing teeth, you have more options than ever before. Dental implants, implant-supported dentures, and even old-fashioned dentures are all solutions which Dr. Richard Silvera of Century City, CA provides with excellence and care. In particular, dental implants on their own are beautiful, long-lasting solutions to missing teeth; they replicate the feel and function of real teeth most naturally.

However, dental implants are sometimes expensive. Several insurance plans will not cover the procedure, or will only cover a portion of the procedure. Thankfully, Dr. Silvera understands the value of a great smile, and our practice offers CareCredit® payment plans to help you get the best treatment for you. Nonetheless, the thought of the cost might leave you wondering: is a fake tooth worth it?

The Many Problems of Missing Teeth

In a healthy mouth, each tooth carries the stress and burden placed upon the dentition equally. Every tooth you lose increases the probability that another tooth becomes damaged, cracked, or lost. The teeth nearest the missing tooth can also shift out of place without their neighbor to keep them in place. Whether twisting out of alignment on the same jaw or growing too long on the opposite, shifted teeth have a higher chance of exposed roots, tooth decay, and gum disease. Even if the teeth do not suffer these consequences, misalignment and overburdening can cause or worsen teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorders.

If multiple teeth are lost, two more conditions can arise on top of these issues. First, the strength of the dental arch can collapse, with your rows of teeth becoming even more likely to loosen and fall out. Second, because they no longer have teeth to support, the jaw begins to lose density. Your face can shorten, making you look much older than before, and the ability to support dentures or implants decreases. Restoring the bone, applying dentures or implants, and any other procedures necessary to repair your mouth become more expensive and less secure.

Losing one or more teeth creates a cycle of damage to the dentition; isn’t it best to replace the tooth before this cycle gets out of hand?

Dental Implants: Our Solution

Again, you have several options for replacing teeth, but dental implants are regarded by dentists worldwide as the best.
Implants attach and eventually fuse to the jawbone, becoming as permanent a solution as possible. Osseointegration also means that, unlike dentures, there are not any bulky, obstructive clasps in your mouth. You don’t even have to worry about fake-looking teeth or chewing discomfort. Dental implants look, feel, and function the same as the natural teeth you were born with. And, if you are considering getting an implant, consider Dr. Richard Silvera as your implant dentist. He’s provided these for patients from around the block and around the world, gaining significant insight and experience in replacing missing teeth.

If dental implants sound like the solution to your needs, contact our Century City practice today!

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